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Autorun file <soluted>


hello. i have password lock on my computer and i want to run it automaticaly. i looked to internet and i find some about autorun.lua file (HERE) and i create the file, edit /autorun.lua  and writed this to it : os.execute(/home/door) (i have file named "door")

i save it and reboot the OS and for 0.3second there is some red text and after it it goes normaly to /home/ menu
i edited the code to os.execute(/home/door.lua) and there is still the same red text and it goes again to /home menu.

what i am doing wrong ?

edit: i recorded the error and slowed down it in sony vegas and looked to error and i have missing quotes :D

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1) yes. The quotes.

2) autorun isn't depricated ( I don't think..) but you might like the .shrc format better.

Run 'edit .shrc' in the home dir and add the path to the file you want to run on the first available line. It's super simple and can have multiple programs to run on startup. Also programs can take shell args just like typing it in yourself.

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