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CC1.7.4 and ExtremeReactors 1.12.2


Trying to setup a turbine monitor using CC, quite new to this but not to programming. All I'm getting is errors, including from others projects. Trying to replicate _quietstorm_s project here http://pastebin.com/TKZfaERy

All I'm getting is image. 

1. Are the two mod packs able to function together (some posts report no, I cant find out conclusively)
2. If yes to the above then what am I doing wrong here?


Many thanks



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Okay, lots of progress here. Got mixed up with 'goto ::label::' and a self declared function here called label. Problem was the label function being declared after it was called. 

Ive since butchered the script and reduced it to only what I need. Now I have a new issue and I cant seem to work out whats up here. 

New code  - 

Error screenie below.


Any suggestions?

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On line 349 and others you use an undeclared variable named 'turbineNum' to index the turbine table like so "some_value = turbine[turbineNum].someMethod()".

You use this in a few places in the script yet I can't find a placed where it is defined.

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Many thanks Molinko, replaced them all with static references for now, will read up on arrays later. Code is no longer erroring. Still needs work though. Thanks again!

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