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ERROR IN NET EVENTHANDLER[modem.lua] - solved


Did a clean reinstall of OpenOS, and now it works properly smh. I guess I messed up my HDD then.




so I opened this second thread for another problem I had, using a github script in order to ease the interaction with my drone and execute code on it remotely, maybe even get something printed into my client interface

and get an understanding of what some methods are actually returning for example.

I came across https://gist.github.com/fnuecke/6bcbd66910b946b54ec7


So the thing is, when I try to execute this client.lua:

local component = require("component")
local event = require("event")
local modem = component.modem
modem.broadcast(2412, "drone=component.proxy(component.list('drone')())")
while true do
  local cmd=io.read()
  if not cmd then return end
  modem.broadcast(2412, cmd)
  print(select(6, event.pull(5, "modem_message")))

it immediately throws me this error:

ERROR IN NET EVENTHANDLER[modem.lua]: /lib/network/modem.lua:28: attempt to concatenate a nil value (local 'data')


I opened modem.lua, to read that line and maybe understand whats going on but nope. Modem.lua is definitely too high for me to understand at this point in time.

But I think I would find solutions to most drone specific things, if I could get this provided script working, even though it takes time.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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