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require() not working on a EEPROM


So i'm trying to make a micro controller that makes a hologram projector say welcome. Here's the code for it (I basically just stuck stuff together from the hologram api page because, why not? Its good code) and when i flashed it i got a bluescreenCapture.thumb.PNG.a9f584d29150c44727f990b1c9a50dec.PNG

I have little lua experience (mostly from this mod and a bit from wow) so i don't really know whats going on here. I first thought of trying to find the file in the line(component) but i couldn't find it. I looked in /boot, /bin, /lib, /dev /lib/core My second thought was going here so... Here i am!

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The `require` function is implemented by the OS and is not in the default Lua environment. It needs a filesystem to search for packages and because the eeprom is basically a one file filesystem.. There's nowhere to look for packages. Either install OpenOS or see package.lua from OpenOS source to get an idea for how to write your own require function.

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