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Use public/private keys for data encryption?


I'm not sure if this is possible as the encrypt function can only use an AES key. Are there any other methods that use the public/pricate key from the generateKeyPairs function?

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You should look to the docs. I'm not versed in pub/priv key pairs but I imagine the decrypt function takes either key(but usually the private?) to decrypt encrypted data

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@Niami Here is a link https://ocdoc.cil.li/component:data

Basically it works like this: user A and B both generate a key pair. Then they exchange their public keys. Then the actual AES encryption key is calculated from own private and other users public key these calculations end up in the same result. In other words: A public + B private = B public + A private. Thus allowing encryption and decryption. 

This is explained in the docs, but poorly.

I may have some examples,I might share if you're interested. 

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