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[ProjectOC 2] OC based suvival server with FTP file access and weekly events.

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ProjectOC has moved on!
POC2 has got a reboot and is no longer active. The only reason this thread is still here is for historical reasons.
Of courese not all the progress POC2 players have done is gone. But more infos about that on our discord server.

ProjectOC 3 page: 

Discord server: https://discord.gg/v927kk7


ProjectOC 2
is a small 1.12.2 survival server with focus on OpenComputers.

With weekly events like coding contests, game jams etc. we want to guarantee the long time motivation.
Of course, you can't code directly in OC so why we provide an FTP access to your OC discs, that you can code with your preferred editor/ide without copying every change manually into the game.

If you want to join the project we recommend to join our Discord server where you get updates, news and more.
But if you don't want that and have any questions/suggestions you can contact me at misternonamelp@web.de and download the modpack right here.

MC server address: poc.dumf-clan.de
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/v927kk7

The modpack:
  OpenComputers with:
    TinkersOC (OpenComputers Driver for Tinker's Construct)
  ImmersiveEngineering with:

  Some mods to round off the pack:
    EnderIO Conduits
    Mekanism (only cabels/pipes and some items you can't disable)
    and some requirement mods/libarys
  and optional:
    Jei (of course)

We hope you like that project, and we see you on the server :).

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