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Is there video games for OC?

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Is there any video games for OpenComputers? As this would be cool, and no, i'm not speaking about a chip8 emulator or lunatic86. By that i mean games targetting OpenComputers Lua architecture. If no, that would be interesting to create some. After all almost all the programs i saw on the Showcase are OSes, #### control programs, drone managers, etc.

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Thanks for the reply, some days after asking the question i also found out that no, that's why for absolutely no reason at all i started OCCity to change this.

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3 hours ago, Wattana Gaming said:

Ahhhh yes, Index out of bound

i didn't understood?

7 hours ago, Log said:

There are quite a few games, but their do not post them on this forum.

For example: simple RPG

Or flappy bird

Ok thanks you.

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