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Fuchas, a powerful operating system

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traifain91, what is the error exactly? Also to convert your OpenOS programs use the docs which describe Fuchas's APIs

If there is an unrecovable error, i must be aware of it!

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Okay, thanks you. And i would like to see what PolarisFS is. As currently support for unmanaged-mode filesystems is planned on Fuchas.

Also what OpenComputers VM/Emulator are you using? I would like to know if there are alternatives to OCEmu that are closer to real OC behavior

Also deflate compression for URF is good idea as there are arleady deflate libraries and that the Data Card supports accelerated deflate and inflate

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Fuchas 0.4.0 is almost done :D

The new features are:

  • MineOS installer: AVAILABLE
  • Multi-user: AVAILABLE
  • Dualboot (arleady used for 0.3.0): AVAILABLE
  • CPIO-based installer (very very stable installation and allow updates): AVAILABLE
  • Security! (permissions): AVAILABLE
  • Default unicode support: AVAILABLE
  • Virtual components: AVAILABLE

(updated 06/30/2019)

Edited by Zen1th
current state of the art
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Sorry for being a bit late, but Fuchas 0.5.0 is available since a month, it offers MANY MANY features:

  • The component access is restricted and driver library must be used (unless having root permissions). This allow for more safety to potential viroooses.
  • A secondary bit32 library on Lua 5.3 to have compatibility between the two in bit operations
  • Directory attributes (currently not settable, only gettable). Which brings 5 attributes: System, Protected, Read-Only, Hidden and No Execute.
  • Support for Protected (R/W only with perm) and System (R without perm, W with perm) directories.
  • Unmanaged drive drivers for OC drive and Computronics tape (which could theorically allow any FS to be on tape without program changes)
  • Shin32 is now gone and has been spread into many libraries.
  • Updated OpenOS and MineOS installers, you can now select to install Fuchas from dev or stable branch.
  • Alphanumerical directory listing
  • OCDraw supports drawing ovals.
  • OEFI2.1 support
  • hwinfo command, for OEFI information and well.. hardware info
  • Started UAC system. Used only in 0.5.1 / 0.5.0 dev branch.
  • Event timeouts are back.
  • Editor program (which currently can only view and not scroll, but pff that's coming)
  • Removed AwesomeCatgirl
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Fuchas 0.5.1:

  • Added a clipboard library that can use OC's clipboard event alongside Fuchas generated events with Ctrl+V.
  • Events are pulled from a per-process queue, also allow to push events only to a certain process.
  • OCDraw supports render targets, those are use as a target for the drawing and can be shown, they are basically just images.
  • Unicode support in Fushell and "shell" library.
  • CSettings program
  • Ability to launch programs from Concert
  • Increase startup speed (with Voodoo3 magic)
  • Full support of the UAC system.
  • Interfaces start with no permission and must login (as command in Fushell) to a admin account to have permissions
  • Decreased Fuchas size by deleting some unused files
  • Added process operations, they are like sub-processes that can end whenever they want (these are not threads!)
  • Fixed many technical issues
  • Removed AwesomeCatgirl
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Fuchas 0.6.0:

  • Shell autocompletion
  • OS arguments
  • "buffer" library for buffered streams
  • CPU metrics
  • Concert task manager
  • Architecture-dependent package files (different file depending on having Lua 5.2 or 5.3)
  • Warning displayed when Lua 5.3 is supported but not enabled
  • Optimization of OCDraw (merging) and GPU drivers (avoid setting multiple time the same color)
  • New driver format (less file loading): faster startup time
  • Inter-Process Communication (IPC)
  • FPM has been renamed to Application Package Manager (APM)
  • APM packages are installed on current user's directory by default.
  • New "-g" option in APM for installing in shared/global user directory.
  • Fuchas's Advanced Lua: added string.toByteArray
  • Added OpenUPT library
  • Temporary filesystem mounted at "T:"
  • Released "format" program
  • Fixed many technical issues
  • Added "echo" command
  • Fuchas now implements (almost) every standard I/O function! Including io.popen
  • Non-standard "write" function removed, use "io.write"
  • Improved OS API
  • Support for different standanrd IO streams (stdout, stdin, stderr) per process and for stream piping
  • Replaced "pwd" by "cd" (cd offers same feature, clearer, when runned without arguments)
  • Started "Kabam" interface, this will soon be the default, eventually replacing Fushell
  • Added os.exit() function
  • Removed obsolete/deprecated IO methods
  • Removed AwesomeCatgirl
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