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Bad arguement #1 (table expected, got double) with redstone io block


I'm relativity new to lua (I know shell and python, basic c++, batch and the tiniest bit of java)  so i have absolutely no idea whats happening. I'm trying to make a basic fireworks launcher with dispensers around a redstone io block but for some reason it won't work. I've read the redstone api on the wiki and i still don't have a clue.

local component=require("component")
local sides=require("sides")
local rs=component.redstone
print("Launching Fireworks")

Any help will be greatly appreciated as i then can use OC to control a lot more in my base.

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The error you received stems from the second variant of this function. You can call rs.setOutput like so..

-- # with a number side[0-5] and a signal strength
rs.setOutput(2, 15)

-- # using the sides api but basically the same thing
rs.setOutput(sides.east, 15)

-- # or by setting multiple sides at the same time by passing a table
	-- # [sides.west] evaluates to a number side
	[sides.west] = 15,
	[sides.south] = 10


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