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Plans for 1.14

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Forge 1.13.2 has been out for some time now.  Are there any plans to update OpenComputers for 1.13 or is 1.13 going to be skipped because of how close 1.14 is?  I'm a bit disappointed that there has been no news of what the plans are for OpenComputers now that Forge has been updated.

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As far as i know, no, i'm not a OpenComputers developer, however i have some knowledge in Forge modding, one problem they will have to encounter is that making OC compatible with 1.13.x would need changing most of the code (mostly because it makes usage of metadata, and some other things). So it will probably be hard and long to do, since it will be long, i think it will probably be in beta (or something like that) for 1.13, and finished when 1.14


However, this is only what i'm saying, it isn't approved by any of OpenComputers active developers, so considerate what i said as a possible option

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The mod is not even yet updated for forge 1.13.X, so a version for 1.14 will maybe be in months or even year, since 1.12 and 1.13 have lot of technical changes. However i'm not a official developer of OpenComputers, so that's just guessings.

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It will be ported when it can.

Right now I don't think many other mods are supporting 1.13 and i believe something is changing again in 1.14 which would make updating to 1.13 a pain because it'd have to be re-done.


Check the issue tracker on GitHub, there's probably a ticket there for 1.13/1.14 support

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I would suggest to skip 1.13 at all.

A lot of mods are already updated to 1.14.4 (including CC) so imho if someone knows what to do its about time ;-)



edit: seems like forge dropped a lot of its GUI stuff which doesnt help to get mods ported at a reasonable time/effort without recreating all the GUI Elements from scratch -.-

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I think OC should now be updated to a higher version of the MC. OC gets its ability to interact with the game world by executing MC instructions.

Otherwise, more devices that interact with the world should be added to the current version of OC and the performance of OC should be improved as much as possible.



I can hardly speak English, I use translation tools to translate, hope you can understand what I want to express.

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