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To long without yielding problems


I am currently working on a bigger project with open computers and have now run into as serious problem: due to the size of the project there are random tick skips of up to 500 ticks (no that is not a  typing error and no it is not constantly lagging) due to these skips some of my robots and computers decide to throw the error "to long without yielding". I know that this is to prevent open computers from going through infinite loops, but in my case i can not get rid of it(and yes they are sleeping and even printing out something).

What i think is happening is that open computers checks when the last command was executed (saved as the tick in which it was done or a ms timer is started) and in case this was longer ago than a specific time limit (in ticks or ms) it will through this error. In my case the tick skips seem to fill out the time limit so that it troughs the error (it even happens to OpenOS!! on robots)

Is there some way to disable this "feature" or prevent the error from showing up(no lag optimizing is not an option i already am in a flatworld with only the spawn chunks being loaded)

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