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Robot-miner with geolyzer

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I present you a program for a robot that allows you to mine ore without going down into the caves. Robot, using a geolyzer, can find and mine ore.
All features are not yet implemented, so I ask you to test and inform me about a bugs.



  • Computer case (tier II or III)
  • Inventory Upgrade (more the better)
  • Inventory Controller Upgrade
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • EEPROM with Lua BIOS
  • Geolyzer
  • RAM (tier I or higher)
  • CPU (any)
  • Hover Upgrade (tier I)
  • Diamond pickaxe or equivalent tool


  • Crafting Upgrade
  • Wireless Network Card or Linked Card
  • Solar Generator Upgrade
  • Battery Upgrade
  • Experience Upgrade
  • Chunkloader Upgrade
  • Generator Upgrade
  • Enderchest from EnderStorage mod



  • Download and save the file as init.lua
  • wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DOOBW/geominer/master/miner.lua init.lua
  • Put this file in to root directory of the hard disc.
  • Add the disk when crafting a robot.
  • Place the robot on a solid blocks platform.
  • Give the robot a pickaxe
  • Place a container and the charger near the robot.
  • Press the power button and enjoy a process.
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There are variables in the code that can be customized
chunks - how many chunks need to be processed
min and max - the minimum and maximum hardness of mined blocks
port - port for interaction with the robot (if a wireless card is installed)

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I fixed it. Download the file again, please.

The error was due to the computer.beep(), which is not compatible with the old versions OpenComputers.


P. S.

Instead of batteries, I advise you to use the experience upgrade or additional generator

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Added ability to work with solar panels. When the energy level falls below 30 percent, the robot climbs to the surface and charges from the built-in solar panel. There is a check of time of day and weather conditions.

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Edit: Added screenshots that didn't get uploaded originally

I'm not sure what's going on with mine. It fails to boot it seems?

Owner: RedneckNoob
Name: RedneckNoob.robot
Last error: computer halted:
Number of connected components: 6/16
Total stored energy: 20500.00/20500.00
Component name: computer
Address: 3da3bf68-bfe3-4633-a4cc-f384edc86598

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