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HDD corruption every reattaching


Hi, I have problems with every computer on my server (hosted on mine system). Everytime I reattach any HDD from any machine, machine becomes broken. (computer halted)
I think, issue related to config. I edited 

filesystem {

I wanted to edit files in game from my disk. This corrupted every HDD in world, so i undid changes. From now, computers get spoiled after each hdd change.

I play Sky Factory 3 with OC and minecraft  1.10.2
I recorded my steps [here]
In the end I tried delete settings.conf, and let server create new one. Didn't help.
How can I repair my world? I want to use OC much. :(

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there was a regression caused by updates to JAVA that appears to have possibly broken OC in previous versions. Truth is we were likely misusing a nonblocking file handle, and we were vulnerable to this issue for a long time. But with recent java updates, this issue is causing this serious bug that you have encountered.

We have patched our official release of OC to deal with this. You will need to do one of the follow

1. disable bufferChanges in the oc settings. you said you did this, this is actually how to protect yourself from the bug. I suspect you actually hit the bug when bufferChanges was set to true


2. update to our latest 1.7.4 version ( https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/opencomputers/files )

There is no way to recover lost data, short of your own backups. I am very sorry for this frustration I know this has caused

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