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Wattana Gaming

OCLinux 0.2.1 beta

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I originally create this kernel as a small software to provide basic functions for reading file, control components, etc. so I can create my custom OS.
I decided to make it modular so it would be easy to debug and be like Linux. But I realized it can be used to make any custom OS I(or you)'d like.

The kernel currently have few functions along with some useful variables.
The functions include:

  • gpuInvoke()
    Control the GPU and any attached displays.
  • printStatus()/writeStatus()
    Low-level print() and io.write().
  • fs()
    Low-level filesystem controller. Can control any filesystem specified.
  • readFile()
    Return the content of the specified file
  • execInit() and panic()
    You probably know what these two does by now...
  • Some more

As you can see, it still doesn't have much function but it still get the job done.

Please note that there are two init.lua at different location and that they are not the same.
init.lua at the root directory are the bootloader, think of it as a OC version of GRUB
Another init.lua at /bin/ are the one that the kernel use.

Get the kernel here: https://github.com/WattanaGaming/OCLinux

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