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Debugging threads?


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the function xpcall should give you a traceback witch will tell you what line the error is genratet


syc, e = xpcall(functionToRun, debug.traceback)
--[[ syc: true or false: where false means that there was an error
e: a full error message i.e:
line bla-bla-bla: bad argument bla-bla-bla
at line bla-bla-bla in function bla-bla-bla



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also treads doesn't create an critical error in the main scope so a great way to run a thread in terms of debuging is by printing the error on the screen and start a blocking function such as computer.beep()


funciton runThreadWithExelentDebuging(func)
    local syc, e = xpcall(func, debug.traceback)

    if syc == false then
      //syc is false this means an error was genrated in func
      require("computer").beep(500,10) //calling computer.beep to avoid other threads or the main scope to redraw the screen

--disclamer: this is not tested


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