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I have finally gotten to the point where I feel I am capable enough to write an addon mod for OpenComputers.  This addon is the result of my desire to provide useful mechanics which are gated behind OpenComputers knowledge and infrastructure.  As the title of this post suggests, this addon will focus on the manipulation of matter (and energy) through the use of OpenComputers components.  All machines in this addon/mod will require OpenComputers to function.  This mod will not feature any GUIs, besides the interfaces OpenComputers itself provides.

Planned content (may change):

- A Transporter system similar to the technology of the same name seen in Star Trek. (This will be the first feature added and is currently being worked on)

- A viable endgame power source (power output comparable to Mekanism's Fusion Reactor) in the form of a matter-antimatter reactor.

- An Energy->Matter converter similar to the Replicator technology seen in Star Trek.


Any ideas or feedback on this project is welcome!

The GitHub repository for this project may be found here.

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