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[Replaced][Release] Custom Cases For OC

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A while ago there was a post on here about someone making custom cases, I am not that person but I do have a release.  This may be improved upon in the future but as of right now it is in a completely usable state.

This is a client side replacement for opencomputers. Do not use with normal opencomputers. This will be updated to release versions of OC and will not be for 1.7.10

Theoretically this should be usable as a client connecting to a server with normal opencomputers, this was not tested.

To use this install this modified version of opencomputers, it includes a custom case with it. If you want a different case you can choose to install a resource pack, I have made 2 so far. If a resource pack says it is incompatible for any reason ignore it, it's a single number in the pack.mcmeta that has to be different for certain minecraft versions, it will not effect the pack.

The default case that comes with the mod:


1.10, OC version 1.7.3

1.11, OC version 1.7.3

1.12, OC version 1.7.3

NZXT Case: download


IBM 5150 Case: download



Let me know of any issues, or any suggestions for future cases.



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Oh my god! The cases are so much amazing, way better than the ugly and blocky ones that had 2 textures. I can't wait for more cases. Good job!

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Update an addon version is being developed, I suggest waiting until that is finished before downloading this, it'll be much better!

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