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Table saver/loader

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I wrote this simple library for saving and loading tables from files as I needed such functionality for my program. (Useful for saving program settings between reboots.)

Requirements: OpenOS


load(string: path)
  Returns the table stored in given path.
save(table, string: path)
  Saves the table in a file located in path
local serialization = require("serialization")

local tableToFile = {}

function tableToFile.load(location)
  --returns a table stored in a file.
  local tableFile = assert(io.open(location))
  return serialization.unserialize(tableFile:read("*all"))

function tableToFile.save(table, location)
  --saves a table to a file
  local tableFile = assert(io.open(location, "w"))

return tableToFile


local ttf=require("tableToFile")

local data={"a","b"}

local data=ttf.load("/tmp/dataTable.txt")

If you have suggestions on how to improve it, please comment. (or make a pull request/issue in the GitHub repo.)

This can also be found from here: https://github.com/SpaceBeeGaming/OC-Script-Collection/blob/master/lib/tableToFile.lua

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