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BloodCtrl v0.1 - Automated Blood Magic slate creation

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Greetings Blood Mages and mortals,

Are you like me? Trying to keep stock of your blood slates without fear of running out mid-operation? Or just simply don't have time while working on other forms of alchemy, thaumaturgy and technology?
Then you are in luck! For I have managed to wrangle the beast of our Altar into a handy program!

OK. I'll stop that now...

While working on my altar setup, I wanted a way to automate slate creations, and the best my google-fu could do was finding a mod called Sanguimancy, left behind back in MC 1.10.2.
I wanted a way to automate slates that did not require constant management, like a filtered pipe or conduit system would need. So I began to think...
Of all the mods I had (in the FTB Revelations pack at least) OpenComputers seemed the most likely to work. So I got to work researching and experimenting with Blood Magic and OpenComputers, until now...

I present to you BloodCtrl! 

Main Features

  • Automated Blood Slate creation
  • Active monitoring of Blood levels in Altar and reserve tank
  • Possibly Many Bugs... wait...

Minimum Requirements

Please be aware that this program was written on all Tier 3 components and is optimized for them.

  • Tier 2 Computer Case
  • Tier 1 CPU or Tier 2 APU
  • 1x Tier 1 Memory
  • Tier 1 GPU (if using CPU)
  • Tier 1 Hard Disk Drive
  • Tier 1 Redstone Card
  • Internet Card (temporarily)
  • Tier 1 Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Transposer


  1. Install OpenOS
  2. Run "pastebin get NpeViDMT BloodCtrl"

Setup and Use

  1. Place Transposer behind your Blood Altar
  2. Place a Chest on top of the Transposer
  3. Place a Stone storage block to the Left of the Transposer
  4. Place your computer and screen to the Right of the Transposer, any configuration you would like
  5. (Optional) Place any type of fluid tank behind the Transposer
  6. Power and Turn on computer
  7. Edit and Run BloodCtrl

Before BloodCtrl will work correctly, you will need to specify which sides everything is on. By default, I have included my setup but this may not work for everyone
Take your time and find out which sides are connected to which blocks. For example: The Chest would be above the Transposer, so its side would be 1 as part of the Sides API

Once you have all the sides configured, change any other Variables you may wish. Your desired slate counts,  your altar tier level, etc.

You will need to provide either a chest or some form of autocrafting of Stone for BloodCtrl to use. By Default and what I have used is a Refined Storage Interface with a crafting card and 3-8 Stone in the first Output Slot (See Pictures below)

Please be aware that BloodCtrl does not produce or control Blood Creation, it only monitors and displays Blood levels and redstone at this time. You will need to provide blood by your own means.


  • If any slate stack is empty or in the wrong slot, the program will crash (Workaround: make sure there is at least one of each slate at all times)
  • If there is no stone available when crafting a Blank Slate, the program will crash (Workaround: make sure there is at least one stone at all times)
  • There is no way to close the program without restarting the computer

Planned Features

  • Better UI
  • Bar for blood levels
  • Color (if supported by screen)
  • More overall stability


Pastebin Link: https://pastebin.com/NpeViDMT
Images: https://imgur.com/a/CtIdUXY
Video: Comming soon?


Have Fun Blood Mages!


Credits and License stuff
Thanks to WayOfTime and everyone who works on Blood Magic
Thanks to Sangar and everyone who works on OpenComputers
I distribute this program with a CC BY 4.0 License. Feel free to edit it as you wish

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Hello, I'm trying to get your program to work for my blood magic altar. At the moment I keep getting an error of "attempt to index a nil value (global 'sides'). I have already checked that the sides were set correctly and I made sure to have 1 of each slate in the chest. Can you help me. Thank you in advance for your time. 

Never mind, I ended up only having to move the global variables up to the top to fix it.


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