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[INACTIVE][1.7.10] The Enderverse

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Nickname: I don't know, I don't talk to people online that much
MC name: natedogith1

age: 18

irc name: n/a I don't really user irc, whenever I actually look at it I'm there just to watch and people don't seem to talk too much so... (I'll tend to login as _ and then wait for the nick server to change my username)


I'm not sure how much I'd actually play on this server, but it'd be interesting to check out. Also, it'd be nice if there was a mod list of some sort, 'cause all I know is that you probably have open computers (and even then I have no idea which version).

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Okay, so recently I haven't had either the time or the will power to look at the server. I am currently in the process of updating mods on the server and generally tidying it up a bit. I'm also trying to get cauldron working 

Got it working, server is almost back.

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The main "enderverse" server is now offline and will be for the forseable future as I am finding it tiring to keep mods up to date when there is hardly any players on there.


I may come back with a new server later but The Enderverse is dead

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Not sure how many of you are still subscribed to this topic but meh.

A descendant of this server will be starting up soon, head over to http://goo.gl/forms/v2Y2JXeZAa and fill it out so I can tune the pack to fit the wants of the majority.

You won't be able to reply to this topic (because it's locked) but if you need to get hold of me, I'm Lizzy in #oc on EsperNet :)

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