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player program to set off firework machine


im new to open computers and I need this for a convention limbocon


set off firework machine if we get 500 players


ok so heres what I need I need a program which uses this command getplayers()table and link it to a variable x.

so I need it to be like this if redstone signal is false do nothing if true run the getplayers()table command tie it to x and make a rule if x>500 (over 500) then send redstone signal and power off machine

if x <500 do nothing


preferably today/tomorrow in time for the event

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local component = require("component")
local sides = require("sides")
local rs = component.redstone
local dbg = component.debug
local computer = component.computer
local x = 0
local input = sides.left
local output = sides.right
while true do
  if rs.getInput(input) > 0 then
    x = #dbg.getPlayers()
    print("Players Updated!")
  if x >= 500 then
    rs.setOutput(output, 15)

Requires a redstone card and a debug card.

Feel free to change the definitions of the sides input and output.

Download from pastebin with this command:

pastebin get suXkJWnw fireworks.lua


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