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Server - no bootable medium


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10 hours ago, Elektron72 said:

This means that the computer/server cannot find an operating system. Try adding a disk drive and inserting an operating system disk, such as the OpenOS floppy disk. 

I have tried that too but it doesn't want to start up too :/

Edit : after playing around i finally found a fix


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Let me try to explain it in a general way

Our default Lua EEPROM has been programmed to do one simple job => Run `init.lua` on the attached filesystem

A "filesystem" is a a component that provides a filesystem, such as hard drives, floppies, etc

It tries to be smart about this:

1. Check all filesystems, one by one

2. Remember the last filesystem that had init.lua, and try it first


Enough about Lua EEPROM. When we hear about this failure to boot a computer "no bootable medium found", that tells us that the EEPROM was unable to find any filesystem with an init.lua

Hard drives in the game start out EMPTY, no files. No init.lua.

There is a special "loot disk" (a floppy disk) you can craft, that has OpenOS on it. OpenOS has an init.lua, which is why the Lua EEPROM can boot it. You can boot from the floppy, and you can run `install` to install OpenOS to a hard drive. read this wiki page for some more info: https://ocdoc.cil.li/openos

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