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Getting Started

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Getting Started

A Open Computer's Tutorial

By PotatoTrumpet



A mod like Open Computers (OC) can be confusing to

new users. Some people need a little guidance to get started.

If you need more in-depth help, check out the wiki.

It is recommended that you know the basics of the language

that we will be programing in, know as Lua.

It is recommended to read the Lua 5.2 Reference Manual to get the

basics of Lua down.


Components and Modules

Assuming you know the crafting recipes for the parts required,

here is what you will need for this tutorial:

1x Power Converter

1x Capacitor

1x Computer Case (Tutorial uses Tier 1)

1x Monitor (Tutorial uses Tier 1)

1x Keyboard

1x CPU (Tutorial uses Tier 1)

1x Memory (Tutorial uses Tier 1)

1x Graphics Card (Tutorial uses Tier 1)

1x Hard Disk Drive Tutorial uses Tier 1)

1x Disk Drive

1x Blank Floppy Disk

Version Dependent:

If you are using version 1.3.0 Beta 1  or Higher, you will also need a

floppy disk with Open OS on it.


Part 1 : Power

Unless it is disabled in the config, Computers require power.

For this tutorial, I have already set up a power supply.



Once you have your power supply set up, you need to

make it usable! Hook up the power to the Power Converter as shown.



​Next, You need a way to store the power. Place the Capacitor as shown.



Part 2: Building Blocks

Now, its time to start building the Computer.

Start by putting the Computer Case as show, then a monitor on top.





Next, we need a place to put the floppy disks, plop the

Disk Drive down to the right or left of the Computer Case.



As basic logic assumes, you need a keyboard to interact with the computer.

Place a keyboard on the left, right, or back of the monitor. No matter where you place

it on the monitor, if you click the monitor, it will open up.



Part 3: The Inner Workings

All that you have now is a Case, Monitor, and Disk Drive.

For the computer to function, it will need the following:

a CPU,

a Graphics Card,

some Memory,

and a Hard Disk Drive.

 To install these devices, you need to right click on the Computer Case.

When the GUI opens up, you will see slots for different items.

The easiest way to put the items in the correct slots is to Shift-Click them in.

Once everything is installed, you are ready for the next part.


Part 4: Starting Up




Now, the computer needs something to boot. Put the floppy disk labeled "openos"

in the Disk Drive. Now, go to the Case and click the Giant Green Power Button.

The computer is now usable! Now, you need to install the OS. To do this,

Right click on the Monitor. A GUI should appear, this is called the 'Terminal'. Type

'install' into it. It should ask you to press 1 to install it to the "Hard Disk Drive".

Press 1 then enter. It will then ask you if you want to reboot. I suggest rebooting so that it boots off the HDD. At this time, you should remove the

floppy from the disk drive. You can now use your computer.


Tutorial Version

Written on 6/12/14 at 1:05 PM CDT (Chicago)



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