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Help with Pam's Harvestcraft harvesting


Hey guys! New here!

I am on minecraft 1.10.2 and I made a robot that can harvest Agricraft crops for me. All is working well. I go above the crops and call useDown() function.

Now I am trying to harvest cinnamon from cinnamon logs and pepper from pepper tree fruits from Pam's Harvestcraft and the useDown/useUp functions do nothing.

Any ideas as to how I can make the robot do those for me?


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14 hours ago, Molinko said:

Perhaps the robot needs to simulate a right click? 

I tried robot.useUp() and it does nothing. robot.swingUp() breaks the block, which I do not want. I even tried suckUp() and again nothing. It seems that Pam's need a real player to make a right click.

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22 hours ago, Molinko said:

Did you try robot.use() or any of the others with the sneaky click option? 

Just tried useUp() with sneaky option and it doesn't work. Just to make sure this is how you use the function for what i need:

robot.useUp(1,1) -- right click above the robot is the first 1, while sneaking with the second 1

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On 5/7/2018 at 9:07 PM, Molinko said:

That's it. Perhaps Pam doesn't want all the crops automated with robots :(

It would seem that is the case. I am even having trouble automating the Ground Traps. I have to manually insert the bait. Not even vanilla hoppers can do it. :(

Thank you @Molinko for the support! Cheers!

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