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get mouse position without clicking


Hey guys,

I tried to get the mouse position without having to perform some kind of mouse input. But I can't figure out how this might be doable.

One idea I had was looking in the OpenOS files, since some events like "component_available"  are actually pushed by the code using computer.pushSignal, but I wasn't able to find something similar for the screen events like "touch" or "drag". Does anyone know if those screen events are pushed in an similar way by Lua code or knows a different approach to get the mouse position?

Thank you in advance 

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ok, and i guess there is no way to trigger a component event other than actually performing the event, right?

Would be a great feature tho, if we were able to triggee these component events with some lua coding...

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Yeah, i know, but pushing the event will just carry the information you gave it when calling computer.pushSignal. So using computer.pushSignal(”touch”) will not carry any information except the event name. It will just push an event called ”touch” but its not the same as the touch event pushed by the component. 

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