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Complete Newb needs basic level help


So i'm completely useless at programming, HTML is about the limit of my abilities, i only started using Opencomputers because of a glitch in one of the other mods that has crippled part of my sky factory world.  Whilst i'm sure it works amazingly for anyone with the skill to use it, i've just spent a couple of hours trying to work out something that i'm pretty sure one of you guys will do in seconds.
Please bare in mind that i'm completely useless so if you wouldn't mind dropping instructions in as if i were just booting up the compute for the first time it would be appreciated, i've set up my hard drive and mounted it etc.


I want to set target coordinates for Randomthings Redstone interfaces. These are already recognised as components by Opencomp and i've connected them up with cables to my stack. I managed to label the different interfaces though i don't know how i see these labels, when i search for components they still show up as redstoneInterface.



 I want to be able to set the target location for the redstone signal that these blocks send, using open computers. thats all i intend to do with the setup. Helping me know where i need to type the
setTarget(x,y,z) : Sets the target of the Redstone Interface
getTarget() : Returns the target of the Redstone Interface (nil if it doesn't have one)
codes which are given on the randomthings web page would be awesome.



  I'm not too fussed, I would appreciate it as soon as possible.


Additional Information:

  Simply ask me if you have other questions, within reason...remember i'm not good at this.

Cheers Folks



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So i think i'm making some progress, once in the lua sode screen i'm typing this.

Lua> component.invoke("address of Redstone interface", getTarget(), port, data)

and i'm getting a message
attempt to call global 'getTarget' (a nil value)

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