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DraconicEvolution + Thermal Expansion Cell Monotor



 I need a Programm that can show the percentage fill of the DE Energy Core and 6 TE res. Cells.



  I would like if it looks like that: IMG_20180125_WA0019.jpg


  It would great if a Tier 2 max Setup can Handle it, because the Diamond Nugget (Enhanced Portals) and the Diamond Chip (OC) conflicts with the recipe.



  I dont need a Deadline but i would like to see it soon :)


Additional Information:

  Simply ask me if you have other questions


Thank you in advance


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hi yes i been looking for the same as well, so i started work on it, nerver used opencomputers (did some cc stuff a long time ago) but am very good in LUA as its used for addons in a very well known game.

Here is somthing i have come up with fast.


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