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"attempt to call field" error


I'm trying to turn a big/extreme reactor on/off with a simple practice program, but I get a following error when I try to run the program:

/lib/br_control.lua:4: attempt to call field 'setActive' (a boolean value):
stack traceback:
	/lib/br_control.lua:4: in main chunk
	(...tail calls...)
	[C]: in function 'xpcall'
	/lib/process.lua:63: in function </lib/process.lua:59>

A bit more detailed explanation on what each line means might help future troubleshooting.

The test program looks like this:

local br = component.br_reactor

if(br.getEnergyStored() < 9000000) then

if(br.getEnergyStored() > 1000000) then

Simply put if the internal energy buffer of the reactor is 90% full, the reactor turns off and if it goes below 10% it turns on. I've made sure that the computer actually recognizes the reactor.

I don't really know why this doesn't work.

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Im sorry but this one has me stumped. The error is basically saying that 'br.setActive' is a boolean and not a function. From the wiki we know its  a method that takes a boolean so I dunno WTF is going on here. Maybe a version bug between BR and OC or .... I really don't know, sorry :/ 

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9 hours ago, BrisingrAerowing said:

Otherwise, you may want to re-download the mod and try again.

I can't really do that since I'm not the one who updates the modpack I'm using. I'll just have to wait for an update and hope that things work as intended :/

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