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The Simon

Trouble with Lua

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I'm trying to do buttons in a OpenComputers addon OpenGlasses. But it seem to have problems with calling the element from the table. I am not very used to Lua and this is my first big project I'm working on in Lua.

local component = require("component")
local glasses = component.glasses
local buttons = {}

local function newButton(name,x,y,w,h,cR,cG,cB)
  buttons[name] = {
    rect = glasses.addRect(),
    pos = {x,y},
    size = {w,h},
    colo = {cR,cB,cG}
  buttons[name][rect].setPosition(buttons[name][pos][1],buttons[name][pos][2]) --Here it says the value is null.
  buttons[name][rect].setColor(buttons[name][colo][1],buttons[name][colo][2],buttons[name][colo][3]) --And probably here too...



It says the variable it's trying to reach is null for some reason. Any help would be appreciated.


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