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Heavy Cat

component help


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Okay. I think I understand whats going on. You're used to ComputerCrafts' global api system. In CraftOS(Computercrafts default OS), if you want to load a library you call os.loadAPI "myLibrary" and any program executed after that call can access 'myLibrary.myfunction'. OpenOS, and most Lua environments, use the 'require' function to access and load a library within a program. Here's and example.

You must use require in each individual file loading a library respectively.

This means that if file 'A' used require to load the library 'myLib', file 'B' will also have to require 'myLib' itself to access it.

-- # Load the 'component' library. Libraries are usually stored in /lib
local component = require("component")
-- # Get the computer 'component'. Like a CC peripheral handle. This is the device api and not the library.
local computer_device = component.getPrimary("computer") -- # this device api has the 'stop' method.
-- # Shorthand for getting the primary component.
local computer_device = component.computer

-- # I'd recommend using the computer library. 
-- # This api wraps the primary computer 'component' with some handy methods that are nicer to use.
local computer = require("computer")

-- # With device api
-- # Stop the primary 'computer' component. This is most likely 'this' computer.

-- # With the computer library. Comment out the above call to computer_device.stop to test this method.
computer.shutdown(false) -- pass boolean true to reboot.

I hope this is helpful. Look HERE for documentation. Beware some of this doc is out of date :/

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Well, i have never laid a big finger on CC (not at all for a few years), i just assumed if it worked in the lua interpreter it would in the custom programs too.

but thanks anyway, i think this will help

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