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Need help with TCP socket


Hello everybody,

I'm trying to connect my OC's computer to my tcp server with the first example here  http://ocdoc.cil.li/api:internet

local internet = require("internet")  
local handle = internet.open("example.com", 1337)  
local data = handle:read(10)------------------------- I REMOVED THIS LINE  


, but my server don't receive the message. I tested with a "real" socket client, and my server is working well. Is the code shown in link is outdated or i'm missing something ?

OC version:

MC version: 1.7.10

Thanks in advance for help

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Check if you can connect to your server from a remote host. A firewall might be blocking the connection. Keep in mind that your host may be blacklisted in the configuration file by default (if you're trying to connect to localhost, for instance).

Wrap handle:write("1234") into print (like print(handle:write("1234"))) so that if there were any errors, they would be printed, not ignored.

Also, try to os.sleep a while before writing to or reading from the socket. Perhaps the socket doesn't get enough time to establish the connection. Call handle.stream.socket.finishConnect() to check if the socket is connected.

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