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Detect Delay


Can I delay robot.detect()? At the moment, my robot trying to detect a block in front of it, but as I understand, it does this before it moves. So it detects nothing, this causes bug. Is there any way to delay detecting so it can detect after it moves?

Here is code btw:

Thanks in advance.

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7 hours ago, Molinko said:

robot.detect is synchronous. meaning it is executed in the order you call() it. Your code prob just has a bug.

I believe it is, but strangely it doesn't work like that. I might made a mistake, but at the moment I can't see it.  Can you configure and check it?



This is an example configuration. It moves forward when below block is same with the 1st slot, moves right when it is same with the 2nd. Normally it shouldn't move when it detects any block in front. But strangely, it doesn't see the block then moves to the right. That's why I thought it happens before moving is complete. It might be synchronous, but I'm not sure about does it wait for the movement to finish.


Okay, I got it fixed. I break the loop after checking the block below, so it doesn't overlap anymore. Thanks!

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