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Modified editor (Syntax highlighting and linejump)

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A modified version of edit.lua that I made for personal use. It has syntax highlighting and when you open a file you can specify which line to jump to.

It has a few issues where it misses cases, but generally works quite well. The colors are easily modifiable near the top of the file.

I don't think it has any breaking bugs right now. A bit performance heavy perhaps, but that's it.


pastebin get LYy2u6HL edit.lua


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33 minutes ago, Slamakans said:

I wasn't really trying to mimic it, it happened to be the scheme I was using so I just nabbed most (all?) of the colors from it.
I'm rewriting it all now though, so I'm going to add it in.

If you're going to be rewriting it, my honest feedback would be I prefer the original Monokai colors, your editor looks like the colors are close enough but not quite :P 

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Known bugs (I may update this list with new comments):

  1. Special colours (comments for ex.) will be forgotten if their corresponding character is offscreen (this was really funny the first time I found this).
  2. Tabulations are written to the screen as "HT", are not highlighted when selected, and cannot be added in.

Suggested additions:

  • A way to change the colours associated with keywords without going through the code and changing it (maybe in the config file?)
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