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Sending PUT and DELETE requests [Solved]


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The internet card's request method doesn't allow to set a custom request method. No mod adds such feature, either.

Though if you can't avoid the need to use methods different from GET and POST, there's a rough implementation of HTTP/1.1 I've written in Lua to test my TLS library. It may easily fail for some unusual responses (I didn't really test it much specifically), and is slow (like, really really slow) in comparsion to the internet card's built-in HTTP request method. Also, it lacks support for HTTP/2, obviously, which is the protocol that many websites start gradually switching to. So hacking your way around could be better than using this library, perhaps, unless you know what you're doing. But you can consider it an option if you just want to make a small request to some specific host that doesn't return huge responses.

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