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[Addon Mod] java.lang.Nullpointer on startup [SOLVED]


I'm rewriting OC-Minecarts for 1.10.2. But the Carts won't boot. If I insert no BIOS it works as intended and tells me, that I have to insert a BIOS EEPROM, same if I insert a BIOS but no OpenOS, but if I insert a OpenOS disk and power the computer cart up. The Startup routine crashes with "Unrecoverable Error  java.lang.NullPointerException"


I don't know where this is coming from. The log doesn't tell me anything, even if I enable "logCallbackErrors" (and also some other options in debug category). Debugging with breakpoints also didn't help.

Forcing LuaJ it printed "machine:1447: machine:631: java.lang.NullPointerException stacktrace traceback: [Java] in ?"


Source: https://github.com/feldim2425/OC-Minecarts/tree/master-1.10


EDIT: Didn't open a github issue because i'm pretty sure I did something wrong.

EDIT2: After some testing I figured out, that a method in the /lib/core/boot.lua or below the loading of boot.lua in the init.lua file leads to that error. Didn't figured out what method or where.

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noticed the new branch on your github. Maybe we can work together at some point, if you would accept to make/use a more flexible class which just adds the OC Integration to any entity (not limited to minecarts)

I'm working on some 1.12.2 mod with a entity as computer and already used your old oc-minecart code as reference. But specially the inventory handling looks a bit messy to me O:-)

I'm also around on IRC and you can pm me in german if you would prefer that :)

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