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I have been playing with the robots and have really been enjoying it.  I wrote a little program make a robot follow a wall around and around until it detects an entity then it takes a swing at the detected entity.  It is pretty amusing to watch the little guy swing it's sword at a group of creepers and zombies.  lol  Anyway, the program is far from complete.  However, before I continue down this path I would be interested in any ideas for a different approach.

Right now the robot has to do a detect in every direction.  Since it can only detect in front, above and below I am having it check every direction before it moves forward.  This involves turning 4 times and detecting with each turn until it is back to the way it was facing.  It works but it is slow.  Is there any other way the robot can detect an entity around it without having to turn a full circle?  As amusing as it is, it is pretty slow having to spin a circle with every step.

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8 hours ago, Ben85 said:

computronics is worth a look, which has a radar upgrade for robots



That is a great suggestion and it looks like it would be a good solution.  However, I am running on an Infinity Lite 1.10 server so I can't use that mod.  (Sorry, I didn't include that information in the original post.)  I haven't thought of another approach using just Opencomputers so I guess my little robot will just have to keep doing it's pirouettes. :)

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