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Make robot use Sieve (Ex Nihilo Adscensio mod)


Hello everyone. 

I'm new to OC and am playing Sky Factory 3 which incorporates many mods into minecraft, including OC.
I'm having trouble with robot.use() method. I'd like to make a Robot use a Sieve like I would. A Sieve is a block from another mod, Ex Nihilo Adscensi, that allows you to sieve blocks like Sand and Gravel and get other material from it. By placing  a block of Sand in the robot's tool slot and calling robot.use(), with the Sieve in front of it, the robot successfully places the Sand in the Sieve. Then, it needs to make several uses of the Sieve for the Sand block to return it's products. A player would click or hold right mouse button on the Sieve, so you'd think robot.use() would work, but I find it doesn't. The function robot.use() retutrns true "block_activated" but no progress is made in sieving process.

I've tried robot.swing(), which just brakes the sieve, and robot.place(), which returns false, because it can't place in front of it.

Any ideas on how to make a robot use a Sieve?

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