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The Simon

Does more active Components drain more Power?

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I have a elevator program that controls a elevator though buttons on a screen. I have a new screen on each new floor that gets re-bound to the gpu every time to save computer resources. These other screens are never turned off, they only sit there until the elevator is on the same floor as it.

So my question is: Does it drain less power (rf/t) to turn off the screens when they are not in use? Or does it not matter whenever they are on or off. In real life if you turn off a computer screen you will save more power, but I'm not sure how it is in OpenComputers.

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The screens are documented to drain power by the amount of characters on screen (non-space). So I'd assume that they always drain a basic amount plus x * number_of_non_space_characters and none if turned off.

Thermal expansion generators and EnderIO probes may be a way to verify that.

I don't know about colored characters and spaces with background - if you can tell, I'd like to know that too.

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screens drain power if chars are visible, regardless of machine state -- though note that screens are turned off when a machine poweroff occurs

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