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Ta©ti Tac0Z

where is the thread api


where is the thread api. as i understand it, then the thread api is a build in api in openos aka in /lib (/lib/thread.lua)


require("thread") >> file not found (module "thread" not found in: (and so on) )



please tell me if i miss understood this and then were i can get it


NOTE: i know that you can get this file on the internet but it does not work that well (at all)


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it's not a modpack i am useing i'am installling all of my mods my self


it's oldere version off open os becuse i am useing minecraft version 1.7.10 becuse a lot off the mods i am useing is old


thanks for the OS updater program


BUT: i found a bug in that updater program the computer that i run it on came whit this boot script error (number 2 computer i run it on worked)


unrecoverable error

/lib/core/boot.lua:72: boot/94_shell.lua:3: attempt to call a nil value


becuse off this is a boot script error (aka the hole os that's failing on boot) it can't be turn on again now


this is a computer that there is a lot off thing's i need to use again so if you have a fix then please help me (again) 


you have been a big help to me thanks



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I just tried it again (but I have OpenOS 1.6) and it updated normally to OpenOS 1.6.8


Now that the OS is broken there isn't really a way to fix it. I suggest that you make another HDD with a fresh copy of OpenOS then update it to 1.6.8 and then insert your old HDD and copy the files to your new one.

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i fix it by deleting the broken hard disk. luckly my server program was on a seperate floppy disk so no data lost.


thank you (all) for helping me.


may god thank you for your good help



but i have a new question if you have the time


by trying this power full thread system my self i runned in to a problem


i don't know if this is even possible but what i am trying to do is this


NOTE: that is know that useing a thread in this scene is 100% Unnecessary but remeber this is a simple test


thread = require "thread"

e = require "event"


running = true


t = thread.create(function()



  running = false



while running do

  --some random thing to run a io.read() will be a good combo


  print( "you said: "..io.read() )




so this ends the thread as inspected but does not end the loop my guess is that all things in the thread function is local only but what can i then do to update the "running" value in the global process aka in the while loop


all help will be great so please help me again


--I beg you 

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