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Edit modules outside of minecraft



I'm trying to edit lua files outside of minecraft (for a more serious project editing on the "Screens" provided ingame sucks). I'm using Notepad++ for now.
But the issue is that I'm editing this Robot's files at %appdata%/.minecraft/saves/mySave/opencomputer/..." and saving them, but the robot in game has a buffered version of it. So, to make changes take effect I'm currently having to quit the world and rejoin it.

I'd like to edit the files outside of the game and have changes take immediate effect.

I've tried turning  filesystem{  bufferChanges=false ..} in the config file, but it has no effect.

Is there a way to do this?

I'm using OpenComputers on MC 1.10.2.

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False alarm!

I edited filesystem{  bufferChanges=false ..}  in the wrong file, because Forge placed the settings.conf  elsewhere. It does work.

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