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Working Web Browser





  I have been looking for a active web browser mod for a while and the only thing I found was a 1.7.10 mod for it. I need someone to implement a browser into a computer.



  I would like it to be a browser that can play videos, use google as the default page, and maybe be able to download chrome plugins if it's not to hard to implement.



  I would appreciate it as soon as possible but only if you can.


Additional Information:

  Simply email me at saby232323@gmail.com


Thank you in advance

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A very simple webbrowser might be possible but one that supports videos, chrome plugins, javascript and styles not.

Remember: OpenComputers can't draw pixel per pixel, only characters. And supporting videos would mean that you have to implement flash and html5.


Even if it is possible it might take month or years to implement all that and i think the limited memory of oc wouldn't allow that.

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I've been gradually working my way up to implementing a service capable of in-game web-browsing with a form of HTML and style-sheets, possibly with remote-execution. However some other projects took precedence over this project such as GERT-Ocranet (although life got in the way and I wasn't able to contribute as much as I would've liked) and a few others.

Did you mean in-game web-browsing or did you mean internet web-browsing? If so, I do not believe it would be worth while to implement an internet browser within OC that is capable of this because it would traumatically slow and possibly unstable due to the amount of background tasks involved in browsing. They are not much when you think about your laptop, but your laptop measures in GB and GHz, these little guys measure in MB and MHz.

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