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"too long without yielding" in robot farming loop


Today i was writing a program for my Mystical Agriculture Farm.

The program is supposed to steer the Robot in random directions and check the Robot's energy after each cycle.

After a certain threshold (now 10%) is reached, it sends the robot to a charger.

The energy check and recharging works like a charm, but as soon as i add the while-loop and the random movements, i get a "too long without yielding" error (the full error is pasted at the end of the github file).

github: The Code

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Thanks for the quick response.

I went ahead and added the line right before the last "end".

Sadly it doesn't seem to fix the issue (or if it does it opens another), as the robot now just freezes without making a move.

After i cancelled the program after approximately 1 minute  (Ctrl+Alt+C) this error appeared:

stack traceback:
		[C]: in function 'error'
		/lib/event.lua:222: in function </lib/event.lua:203>
		(...tail calls...)
		boot/20_os.lua:58: in function 'sleep'
		/home/farmer.lua:87: in main chunk
		(...tail calls...)
		[C]: in function 'xpcall'
		machine:751: in function 'xpcall'
		lib/process.lua:84: in function </lib/process.lua:80>


EDIT:  it seems the error was caused by the server.

After i added os.sleep(0) to the end of my main-loop the program worked.

Thanks for your answer and also thanks payonel for your solution for loops with long event intervals.


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you have to look at your code and think -- is there anywhere in this loop that could run for more than 5 seconds without sleep/yield? If so, add a os.sleep(0), perhaps once per loop, or use a timeout yourself and sleep every 2 seconds.

I have a similar sleep in the terminal code when printing out a very large file to the screen, i do this:

  local last_sleep = computer.uptime()
  while true do
    if uptime() - last_sleep > 1 then
      last_sleep = computer.uptime()


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