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Yield a coroutine from outside of child function for a scheduler


I'm working on a multi-tasking thread scheduler that is in charge of executing a coroutine for a certain time, and then yielding it and moving to the next coroutine. This is where a problem arises. I cannot yield the coroutine from outside of the function. If I cannot use a C hook to do this in Open Computers, then how could I go about this?

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simply put, you cannot.

All threading must be cooperative; everyone must yield on their own.

However, you should know that OpenOS now has threads!  [  in case you are wondering how, threads intercept yields and computer.pullSignal and hide the cooperative layer from the user  ]

There is actually quite a lot that went into developing threads for OpenOS. Please consider the wiki doc I wrote up about them, and please provide feedback and questions! Any issues or bugs you run into, please use github to create a new issue.



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