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Quarry Program



 I would like a quarry that can be given variable sizes for: Length, Width, and Height. I would of course like it to return to original position when inventory is full and when it needs to be refueled (unless there is a way for it to burn planks and coal for fuel), and can switch between three tools depending on the block (I want to use this program to mine an area that has cobwebs, stone, obsidian, ores, planks, and logs if that information is needed).



To mine in a specified area.


Features requested:

1. Variable sizes which can be specified.

2. Will return to starting position when inventory is full or needs to be refueled (whichever comes first).

     a. (If possible) Burn coal/planks if possible (requires an upgrade if I'm correct).

3. Switch between multiple tools for different blocks.



  ASAP really. I'm not too picky.


Additional Information:

  Simply ask me if you have other questions


Thank you in advance!

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9 minutes ago, Molinko said:

I've been meaning to write quarry program myself for way too long.. 

Q: why mine material with different tools?

Well, there is Cobwebs, planks/logs, and ores/stone/obsidian so I figured different tools would be needed to mine them all.

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