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Can't Turn on Server

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Step 1: Since you already have your hardware this is good.
Step 2: Aquire the OpenOS Floppy Disk.
Step 3: Put both into either a computer or hook up a Disk Drive up to the side the server is attached to (or add a Disk Driver Server) and insert the floppy into it.

Step 4: Start the computer/server and install OpenOS.

Step 5: You should have OpenOS installed onto the HDD and can now remove the floppy.

I hope this helped you if not please let me know and I will try my best to make it more understandable.

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I have all the above but it doesn't even startup, it starts for a few seconds(nothing on screen) and it goes red again giving me the error. I installed openos from a seperate computer and put the hard drive in the server, it turns on but nothing is on the screen 

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First. You can use an analyzer to see the error message



if you open the gui of the rack (not of the server itself) you can connect the component network to one of the 5 sides (front not counted). You have to make sure the Screen is connected to the corresponding side.

EDIT: You can open the Rack gui if you click anywhere except the places on the from where you can see a server. In my case the first slot / row



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