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So, basically what I want to do is make it so that a computer waits for a message to be sent to it, but doesn't get stuck forever waiting for a response. For example, I'd have a computer send a request for data to another computer that's constantly receiving, but the computer that requested the data only listens for responses for 2 seconds, and if it doesn't get anything sent to it, it would result to a default value. 



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local component = require "component"
local modem = component.modem

-- # our majestic default...
local default_value = 42

-- # dont forget to open our ports...

-- # response is a table of either nothing after two seconds, or a modem message.
local response = table.pack(event.pull(2, "modem_message")) -- # wait 2 seconds for a modem message event

-- # Done waiting.. If we got a message, assign the first user sent parameter to it. This is always a string!
if response[1] == "modem_message" and response[5] ~= nil then
  default_value = response[5] -- # The fifth, or greater, parameters hold user set values

Hope this is clear enough to get you started :) 

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