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OETF #9 - OC Host Discovery Protocol for OETF #7

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1. Purpose

OETF #9 - OC Host Discovery Protocol is a host discovery protocol for local OC networks specified by OETF #7.



This is specification for a binary data frame(a Lua string), sent over OETF #7 protocol with protocol number 0x0C.

All frames are allowed to be sent as a broadcast or as a direct message.

Prefix byte | Action                              | Payload
0x01        | Peer IPv4 Advertisement             | 4 byte IPv4
0x02        | IPv4 Discovery request              | Optional 4 byte IPv4
[reserved]  |                                     |
0x08        | Peer IPv6 Advertisement             | 16 byte IPv6
0x09        | IPv6 Discovery request              | Optional 16 byte IPv6

When a peer in a network receives a 'Discovery request', it MUST respond with a 'Peer Advertisement' massages with all addresses set on a given interface.

When a peer is assigned an address is SHOULD broadcast a 'Peer Advertisement' message. Some implementations may choose to broadcast those is some set periods, if they choose to do so, it's recommended to set the interval to at least 60 seconds to not stress the network.

Responses to 'Discovery request' frames SHOULD NOT be a broadcast messages.

When there is no payload in 'Discovery request' frame, all addresses set on a given interface should be advertised.

Implementations MAY choose to not implement filtering in 'Discovery request' frames, falling back to the no-payload behavior.

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