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Use an off-game Editor like VS


Hello guys,

my question is... can I "mount" the file system of my in-game pc to an ftp server or to a cloud? Or can I say that every time when i save changes to a file in the filesystem it saves this changes to the "real" filesystem? Well... then I can mount this real Folder an edit it in VS But then it must load into the game... but how can i do that?

When these realy not works... can i clone and push Git repositorys in OC or in the OpenOS? And when that, how?

Thanks, yout Panakotta00

P.S. yes I know that i can write something like that with the internetcard... but I will have a easier way. And sorry for terrible english ;-)

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21 hours ago, Michiyo said:

In the OpenComputers config set bufferedChanges to false, and start MC, now everything changed in game is saved in real time to the host FS, and any changes made on the host FS are reflected in game.

Ok... one more question do i have... why does OpenComputers saves the files on debian with the perm code 644 or 744? Can i change this? Or do you know about a way to make it editable for other userers without setting every time the permissions?

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