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StattenOS - Base control system

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I have gotten quite a bit of groundwork done.  I am currently working on the first implementation of the page drawing code.  I have decided not to use any sort double-buffering, as I don't like the high memory overhead.  Instead, only portions of the page which change will be re-drawn.

An early look at what I have done so far.  Just a few nested frames.  This already supports occlusion culling (portions of controls which are outside of their parent viewport are removed), so controls like the ListView and ScrollFrame can be implemented easily.


Pages can either be loaded from XML, or created programmatically.  This is the XML file used in the above image:


<page tier="3"> <!-- This is the root of the page DOM -->
	<frame id="f1" pos="1,1" size="40,10" text="High-resolution page" fcolor="00FF00" textcolor = "FFFF00"/>
	<frame id="f2" pos="1,11" size="40,10" text="With text"/>
	<frame id="f3" pos="50,2" size="40,10" text="With colored text" textcolor = "00FF00" fcolor="FF0000"/>
	<frame id="f4" text="Nesting" pos="10,29" size="60,20" textcolor = "BBBBBB">
		<frame id="f4" pos="2,2" size="40,10" text="Nested" textcolor="00FF00">
			<frame pos="2,2" size="5,5"/>

<!-- If multiple pages exist, the one closest to the current resolution will be used -->
<page tier="2">
	<frame id="f1" pos="1,1" size="30,30" text="Low-resolution page" textcolor="FF0000" fcolor="AAAAAA"/>

This is a very barebones XML implementation, only meant to provide a structure for pages.

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I followed the installer line for line up top however, i keep getting an error after its cone isntalling, keeps saying press any key to continue, i restart and gives me a blue screen with

Unrecoverable Error

bios:64: /CoreLibs.Lua:75: no primary 'modem' available


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