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An API that makes creating and reading configuration files easier. Any line starting with a '#' is ignored in config files.


loadConfig(string: path)
	Returns a stream of the file the path points to.

saveConfig(string: path)
	Creates a config file at the given path. If a config file with the same name already exists it will be overwritten.

	Clears all properties currently in memory.

addProperty(string: name, value)
	Adds a property to the config. Note that the order properties appear in the config is the same order that the functions are called in.

addComment(string: text)
	Adds a comment to the config. Comments are lines that start with '#', you could do this with addProperty, but this saves memory and doesn't add an '=' at the end of the line.

getNumber(stream: file, string: name): number
	Returns the value of property 'name' as a number.

getBoolean(stream: file, string: name): boolean
	Returns the value of property 'name' as a boolean.

getString(stream: file, string: name): string
	Returns the value of property 'name' as a string.


pastebin get wE9xT51N /lib/config.lua


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